Friday, September 08, 2006

Damn that Phillips guy

That piece of shit bucky that is running from the cops is all over the national news now. I went to CNN and there is was main news, I went to Fox and there is was main news, and the AP has a main tag line for him. This asshat (thanks miss lis for the verbiage) has disrupted lives all over the state. There are troopers that have missed their kids first day of school and vacations have been cancelled. There are schools and businesses in lockdown. Children in the smallest of small communities that are told not to go out because of a gun toting crazy man. Now before you get in to a huff I know that it is the job of the troopers to be flexible, but this is crazy. He has been on the run since April, and the man power needed for this remote area far outweighs the manpower available. As of this morning he is on the FBI top 10 list. Dead or alive he will be caught now. I know that this asshat has not earned the right to take up two days of my post, but I feel for the multitude of folks that are in disarray as well as the lives that are shattered because a loved one is injured. One of the guys I work with has just received a call that his wife "Mrs. Engineer" the NYS Trooper is going to assist in this manhunt. All my best to her for her safe return!
Here is my message to the world. Take care of your children. Raise them right, and teach them to respect the law!

enjoy life.

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