Thursday, September 07, 2006

Hold it in..... no more!

Since mid June there has been this guy names Ralph "Bucky" Phillips who has been on the run from the New York State Troopers. You see the one thing that he did was he escaped from a prison in Erie. Now items that the police think that he is in connection with are: shooting 3 troopers. With great sadness one of the three passed away (Trooper Longobardo), one is clinging to life in a hospital (Trooper Baker) and the third is recovering from wounds. The first two were shot in the back which is cowardly no matter who did it. What gets my goat is that he is Indian (Native American to those of you who are PC). I am an Indian and I am disgusted with the behavior that he is displaying. He is also wanted in connection with multiple home and business invasions and car thefts. He is running from the law and with the help of his family he has been succeeding. There is even a restaurant that has me so enraged they are offering "Bucky burgers" they are regular burgers that are served in a to go container "in case you need to run out fast". People need to wake up and smell the coffee. How can this be funny. How can you make money out of so much tragedy?
He is now on the US Marshals 15 most wanted list. I hope they find him soon, and I pray that the rumors that say Indians on the reservation are protecting him are not true, and that the $250,000 reward money goes to the troopers bereavement fund.

sadly I will say
enjoy life

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