Monday, September 25, 2006

My life....soooo sad

So much happened in such a short period of time I am still trying to figure out everything.
Here it is:
  • Amerks kicked off training camp
  • I played softball on Saturday. Me the eternal spectator played and I did pretty well
  • Have a new babysitter for Bud. She was the cutest thing and she wants to do it again.
  • successfully pulled off the surprise party for hubs mom
  • Went to Food for breakfast. It was yummmy
  • Went to Miss A's house to see Grey's anatomy (makes me realize that my house is a piece of shit next to hers)
  • Watched Jets beat the Bills! Woo hoo woo hoo
  • Rode the bike with Bud (have not done that in 15 years)
  • Took down the vegetable garden
  • Found out Trace is coming to town!!!!!!!!
  • Megadeath was on the radio as I was going to the grocery store, and instantly I turned in to a teenager. Cranked the volume and rolled down the windows like a fool, but I did not care it was Megadeath.

Whew! My legs are reminding me that I am not meant for two forms of exercise in one weekend and really how outta shape I am.

enjoy life!

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Go Gang Green