Thursday, September 28, 2006

There is nothing to say! I am all meeting-ed out. I now have to schedule meetings for the meetings I just had so that I can delegate jobs. The funniest thing is that my dad is on my committee that I am the director of. I get to tell him what to do!

Tonight is Grey's night so there is nothing going on! I have nothing planned! My good friend LDV dropped me a line and my computer is going to Mr. LDV for a serious inspection. It is very ill and a mean old man wants to erase the hard drive to fix it. Not cool!

I attempted to get pre-sale tix for Trace and it did not work. For some reason we can not access the ticket place. major bummer, but Miss.D is going to check in to it from home and we are going to go together! Woo Hoo!

enjoy life

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