Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Over booked, with cookies

Yesterday I had a Rotary meeting after work.
Tonight I have a meeting at Camp Haccamo (Camp for disabled children)
Tomorrow night I have 2 meetings. One with the Wegmans International (an LPGA tournament that benefits Camp Haccamo) and I have a meeting with Special Olympics. Both are at 6pm. Believe it or not I am going to both. LPGA first and Special Olympics second. Thursday is Grey's.
Friday I have a Pampered Chef party.
Saturday is parent meeting for youth hockey & surprise party for hubs grandma.
Somewhere in there I have to make time for the hubs and Bud.
I also have to sell Pancake Day tickets and posters.
I also got in the mail a pack of cookies that I have to try exclusively for 5 days then I have to give my opinion, then I will get another pack of cookies to give my opinion, then I get a third pack of cookies.

All that and a bag of cookies. Who could ask for more.

enjoy life!

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